Emerald Park Naturopathic Doctor

First Emerald Park Naturopathic Doctor – Interview with The Star News

Have to say… it feels really good being referred to as the first Emerald Park Naturopathic Doctor 🙂

Recently I did an interview with Michelle Nicholson at the Star Newspaper. You can check out the article star news article.  (It’s a .pdf file – page 9)

Michelle asked me about my background, what got me interested in medicine, my move to Saskatchewan, opening up the new clinic here in Emerald Park / White City, the exciting health challenge we have going on… plus a lot more.

A big thank you to Michelle for making me feel comfortable during the interview. And a big thank you to Emerald Park and White City for the warm welcome I have received since I moved here.

I look forward to serving the community for many years to come!

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