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Discover The Case Review and why it's like no other intake process you have experienced before.

The Case Review

The Case Review is the first step for all new patients wishing to explore our Functional Medicine approach.

A cornerstone of this approach is "test, don't guess." Identifying the underlying causes which led to the development of symptoms in the first place is the key to a successful and lasting outcome. Treatment can then be more targeted - without wasted time or using a "trial and error" approach.

Here are the steps you'll take...

Step 1: New Patient Intake

You will complete a comprehensive intake, including health assessment questionnaires, that Dr. Esposito will review and analyze prior to your first meeting together.

Step 2: Initial Consultation

You will meet with Dr. Esposito to share your story and go over her analysis of your health intake and assessments. Appropriate testing will be discussed and recommendations made. 

Step 3: Review of Findings

Once the test results are available, you will meet again with Dr. Esposito to review the findings, along with a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Here is what is included...

By reviewing your past testing, dissecting your health history, reviewing your food and mood journal, assessment questionnaires and health narrative, we'll help you connect the dots.

Intake Review & Analysis

Your New Patient Intake includes five key components: a Comprehensive Health Narrative, Functional Health Assessment Questionnaire, Support Organ and Systems Form, Identi-T Stress Questionnaire and 7-Day Food & Mood Journal. All these components are reviewed and analyzed by Dr. Esposito prior to your initial consultation - a process that typically takes one to three hours depending upon the complexity of your health history.

Initial Consultation

Tell your story and feel heard. During this 90 minute consultation, Dr. Esposito will review your past test results, metabolic patterns and start to identify root causes that may have been previously missed or inadequately assessed. Appropriate functional testing will also be discussed and you'll receive initial lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to jump-start your health journey.

Enhanced Healthy Living Blood Chemistry Panel

This is the single most efficient, effective and affordable tool for quickly evaluating your health. It serves as a solid foundation from which to start a treatment plan as it provides insight into metabolic function, blood sugar regulation, nutrient status, liver and kidney function, immune function, thyroid function and acid-base balance.

The State of Wellness Revealed Report

Using the latest in research and practice, Dr. Esposito will combine your blood chemistry results with cutting-edge technology to create an analysis that uncovers patterns, assesses the state of your body systems and provides personalized recommendations to correct the underlying physiological imbalances and reduce long-term health risks.

Lab Interpretation Videos

You will have private access to a video recording of Dr. Esposito's analysis and interpretation of all your functional test results. This video serves as a resource you can refer back to in the future. You may wish to share it with other members of your healthcare team and your family.

28-Day Nutrition and Lifestyle Reset

This may involved creating an "immediate relief action plan" if necessary, along with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to start creating a foundation for healing to take plan - and to retain the gains you make over this process, too.

Review of Findings Consultation

Patients often share that they find this consultation eye opening and relieving because they finally have answers to why they have been struggling. Dr. Esposito shares her interpretation of your lab test results and health history to connect the dots between the underlying imbalances identified and the health challenges you have been dealing with.

Personalized Treatment Plan

You will be educated about what the test findings mean for your health and will be provided with an outline of steps you can take to resolve the underlying issues. You will be given a customized plan for your first phase of healing that includes nutrition recommendations, lifestyle recommendations and smart supplementation.

Direct Messaging Access

You will have direct messaging access to Dr. Esposito inside our secure, online patient portal. Here you can ask any questions you may have before and in between your consultations.

Leave no stone unturned - there's nothing more important than your health.

the benefits to You

the case review is designed to help you:

Save Time & Money

By performing the RIGHT testing in the RIGHT sequence, we'll get you to where you want to be more efficiently.

Answer "Why?"

We're more concerned about why you are feeling this way rather than labeling the what (i.e. diagnosis). 

Get Clarity

You'll have clarity about what steps you need to take to feel better and if we're the right fit to help you do just that.

Get Back Control

Whether you decide to work further with us or not, you'll feel empowered to take responsibility over your own health.

Time is now

for creating vitality!

Dig beyond diagnoses and treat root causes.

A Closer Look

Here's further information about some of the key tools utilized inside The Case Review:

Functional Medicine Matrix

No illness happens in isolation. The matrix offers a vivid visual illustration of this - mapped out according to each individual.

The matrix is a new lens to look at your body's systems, symptoms and risk factors, to see the story they about why you got sick and how to get better. It connects the dots between your symptoms.

Functional Testing Analysis

Access the most powerful interpretive Functional Health Report available anywhere.

The State of Wellness Revealed Report alone contains 18 separate functional health reports including assessing body systems, nutrient status, and a comparative analysis between conventional reference ranges versus optimal ranges.

Functional Hierarchy of Healing

The sequence in which each body system is addressed and healed is important. That's why we work according to your body's natural hierarchy of healing.

For example, would it make sense to dump a bunch of vitamins into your gut if you can't absorb them efficiently?

The Investment In Your Health

The Case Review

  • Comprehensive Intake Review
  • Initial Consultation
  • Enhanced Healthy Living Panel
  • Functional Testing Analysis
  • Functional Testing Recommendations
  • Lab Interpretation Video(s)
  • 28-Day Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset
  • Review of Findings Consultation
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Direct Messaging Access

Meet Your Health Detective.

Dr. Candice Esposito, ND, CFMP

"Recovering from complex health challenges can be an enormous undertaking. That's why I will personally guide you through the process of restoring health, step-by-step, and teach you how you can empower yourself to not only stay well, but create true vitality."

Not sure? Let's find out together if the Wellness Blueprint Approach is right for you.