Our Mission

Wellness Blueprint Health Centre’s mission is to promote the well being of all patients, helping them achieve and maintain the highest quality of life, and empower them to take control of their own health by addressing the underlying causes of illness.


You deserve to be truly listened to. We consider what matters to you rather than what is the matter with you. We strive to come from a place of empathy, to be fully present with you.


We adopt an integrative approach where the patient is educated about different opinions and given the most suitable treatment for his or her needs.


We strive to be reliable, sincerely immersed in the practice of health, not only within the clinic but also within the community.

Our Approach

It’s an uncommon, but simple principle: drugs do not usually cure the illness, they only cover up its symptoms. These days, drugs are prescribed for every condition or ailment. They are meant to make you feel better, not restore your overall health. We believe in simplicity. Address the underlying causes of the illness and reduce or eliminate the body’s reliance on expensive medications. Here are the steps we’ll undertake together:

Analyze: Whole-body wellness is personal. Your initial doctor consultation will be a discussion of your present circumstances. Dr. Esposito, ND will spend personal time with you in order to understand your history, physical ability, mental state, and where you are emotionally and spiritually. She will then analyze your case in order to create and implement the most unique and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options.
Identify: After your initial consultation, we identify any dysfunction in the biological processes of the body, using methods that range from traditional to state-of-the-art technological diagnostic tests.
Restore: Your first month’s treatment focuses on preparing your body for detoxifying and purging the body of chemicals, drugs, and other impurities.

Treat: Our treatment options are unique to each patient’s case. Most diseases are the result of a long process of living in an unhealthy (unbalanced) state. While the resulting disease will be in a single category, such as heart disease, the process that caused that disease to develop is unique to each person.
Refine: As the toxic burden and biological processes shift, so does the body’s function and refine structure. Eventually, the body will be able to detoxify, increase blood flow, oxygenate, absorb nutrients, make healthy cells, form new tissue, and restore regulation all by itself!
Heal: Healing is a journey and not just a destination. Turning to naturopathic medicine is life changing. Avoid the ‘Band Aid’ approach! It is no longer about finding a ‘cure’, but about an ultimate healing process that restores you physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Your health is precious.

Our Doctor

Dr. Candice Esposito, ND is a naturopathic doctor who helps patients realize their innate ability to achieve optimal health through understandable communication, active listening, health education, increased patient accessibility, holistic treatment plans and by recognizing each person as unique and individual. She has a special interest in mental and emotional health concerns such as depression, anxiety and social phobia; however she is most interested in the personal story the patient presents to her, how the patient uniquely experiences his or her condition. She believes in treating the whole person through individualized, gentle, educative care. Dr. Esposito, ND feels privileged to have the opportunity to be her patients’ health partner.

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