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​​​You deserve to feel cared for.

​Experience a ​​​holistic approach ​​to healthcare ​that uses personalized guidance ​​to give you real results.

​IBS? Anxiety?​

​Get FREE access to ​our ​Gut-Brain Blueprint program.

BONUS: Over 80% of your immune system resides in your gut... so you'll be supporting your immune health, too!

Naturopath Regina, Dr. Candice Esposito, ND is licensed and registered with:

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Why choose ​​​​our approach?

advanced testing
advanced functional testing

​​Access advanced testing

​Functional lab testing helps evaluate health on a cellular level. This testing is different from traditional testing because it helps identify the root causes of your health challenges instead of just applying a label or diagnosis to you. ​​We build a complete picture by testing over 1,000 bio-markers and track your progress to ensure that you not only meet, but exceed your goals.

continuous collaboration

​Receive continuous collaboration

Optimal health comes from continuous collaboration - not one-off visits.

We're proud to offer one of the most comprehensive health restoration and optimization programs available which helps you get past chronic illnesses like IBS, anxiety and PMS, all while reducing the need for invasive treatments. We're proud to spend 5x longer with patients than the average practitioner.

root causes assessment
root cause resolution

​Experience root-cause resolution

Your body is perfect. It's governed by the principles of nature. By approaching your health from this "new" perspective, we ask a new set of questions that uncover new opportunities to address your concerns and get to the root causes. From eating and exercise to sleep and supplements, we ​create a plan tailored uniquely for you.

Much more than "a checkup"

​​If 90% of health is dependent upon social determinants, ​doesn't it make sense for your doctor to know what’s going on in your life?

We get to know you as a whole person.

Go beyond "​managing" your symptoms.

​​Transformation happens through combining nutrition, lifestyle, cutting-edge technology, and diagnostic testing.


​* results based on percentage of cases that improved or resolved at Naturopath Regina

What our ​patients are saying:

Several months ago I had an ultrasound where thyroid nodules were found. Recently I went for my follow-up ultrasound. The doctor was prepared to do a needle aspiration, but when he read the results there was no need for a biopsy. The nodules were gone! I credit the Wellness Blueprint Program and the care of Dr. Esposito. Thank you!

​Deborah - Regina

deborah regina

All my blood tests came back "normal" and I was told there was nothing wrong with me. According to my medical doctor, anyway. Thankfully, Dr. Esposito found imbalances that I now believe saved me from developing a chronic disease. I'm feeling healthier and more energetic than I ever have thanks to the Wellness Blueprint Program.

Marc - Saskatoon

marc saskatoon

Healing near & far

​​​No waiting rooms. 

No childcare necessary.

No commute. ​

Simply convenience and comfort.

With virtual health consultations, you can enjoy your appointment from the comfort of your own home.

​​Experience the benefit of a "house call" through our private video conferencing.

Yes, I want to find out if the Wellness Blueprint approach is right for me.

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