PTSD Points of Impact

Breaking the silence, releasing the shame, one story at a time.


Experienced. Honest. Resilient.

Imagine a world where people with PTSD feel safe and calm.

Imagine a world where people with PTSD feel understood, supported and honored by their family members, friends and co-workers.

Imagine a world where people with PTSD feel like they belong, feel strong, and engaged in life.

This world is possible.

There is hope.

Let’s make it happen together.

Tracy Kydd | PTSD Activist

Speaking my personal truth allows others to do the same.

Well… I suppose I could tell you about being a seasoned Human Resources Professional… or how I’m currently co-owner of the Wellness Blueprint Health Centre with my partner who is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND)… or how I’ve been giving massages for 27 years… or maybe you might want to know about my former years as a Counsellor in a shelter for abused women and children… or that I’ve been public speaking for 30 years.

Or maybe you have an interest in knowing that with only five days notice – at the age of 51 years – I ran an entire Half Marathon. (Just three days prior to the event I thought maybe I should see if I could even run for 30 minutes straight – let alone the 21.1 km I just committed to!)

Maybe what’s really more important to you is knowing that I’m devoting my time to speaking out about the effects of multiple traumas in my life and how I’ve continued to find resiliency after each circumstance. That I want to leverage my knowledge about trauma, grief and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to bring hope, comfort, understanding and support to others in similar situations.

I’m a survivor.

I’ve died once. And nearly died two other times. Twice because of medical errors.

I was abused by my mentally ill mother.

I was sexually abused by one of my High School teachers.

My Dad died suddenly at a young age.

I’ve survived domestic violence. Twice.

A failed marriage that didn’t survive two miscarriages and my spouse’s two affairs.

My Mom committed suicide.

An employer told me I wasn’t needed because of my PTSD.

All Points of Impact.

All needing my resiliency to come back from.

All leading to the diagnosis and re-triggering of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It was after my third near-death experience in 1997 when I was questioning why I hadn’t died and what purpose I must still have, that a white bear literally came to me with very clear instructions: “People can’t hear. It’s your job to tell people how it feels.”

And so I began sharing my stories at Bereavement Conferences, Police Victim Services Units, Critical Care Nursing Orientations, Health Care forums, Refined Lifestyle Magazine, Ostomy newsletters, and through film at festivals and Health Care training videos.

I began to see the Impact my willingness to speak the truth about my life experiences was having on others. In sharing my personal truth, I was inadvertently giving others permission to share theirs.

Is there a need for my knowledge in your life or workplace?

Let’s talk… Request a free consultation to find out more.

PTSD Points of Impact


Fear and anxiety. Depression. Avoidance. Disappointing people. Isolation. Everything's changed.


Misunderstanding. Impatience. Lack of true support. Being made fun of. Fear of abandonment. Disconnection.


Judged. Harassed. Lack of focus. Triggers. Overwhelm. Lack of knowledge around accommodations.

Keynote and inspirational speaker

Tracy Kydd

Tracy’s keynotes consistently deliver an interactive conversation that engages, informs, inspires and empowers attendees with a toolbox of invaluable takeaways.

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What You Will Receive

  • Connector.


    Indepth consultations to fully understand your needs, objectives and expectations for the event.

    Based on these discussions, a customized keynote for your audience is designed.

  • Connector.


    A speaker whose unique interactive style, insights and personal experience will help you customize supports for your environment or situation.

  • Connector.


    An authentic speaker whose first-hand knowledge provides messages of hope and strength that will inspire you on your life's journey.

What Makes Tracy Unique

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.

Tracy is the embodiment of that statement.

She has lived the experience – multiple experiences – like few have. And speaks from that experience.

Genuine. Radically honest. A natural storyteller.

You and/or group will be taken on a journey which ends where your objectives are met.

Ready to Talk?

I’m looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to support your needs and find a solution together.

Whether you are a service worker, loved one, colleague, or employer of someone suffering from PTSD. Your consultation will be confidential and you are under no obligation to retain my services.

Discover what you don’t know about PTSD.
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My mission is to leverage what I know, what experience I have, my personal wisdom, to bring hope, comfort and understanding to the people I speak with.

It takes courage to be honest.

It takes courage to be vulnerable.

It takes courage to face your fears.

Let me help you with yours.

Tracy Kydd


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