EVENT | A New Hope: New Beginnings with Archangel Hope

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Join Spiritual Teacher, Karen Neuls, For A Day of Hope, Inspiration and Creativity

Saturday, May 6 at 10 am


The intention of this collective day is to join in our hearts as one, as Karen Neuls, spiritual teacher and healer will share and guide you in many ways to help you have more compassion for yourself and others. We will work strongly with the Angelic and Divine Feminine Realms helping you to move through life without taking others suffering that is not your own, stepping more into your power and being able to hold the light of awareness for others who need to heal as well. Compassion helps you in the world, affirming your dignity, and empowers you to stay true to your own reality while experiencing and respecting others in return.

Bring back the energy into your heart chakra, so you can shine with compassion and by having the strength to see and understand that everyone in our lives is here to help us grow and to feel more love.

The energy is very high vibrational for you, so this can have profound effects in your life if you choose so.

Karen will serve from her heart and the divine allowing you to receive what you are needing. There will be certain teachings, channeled healing meditations and whatever else Karen is guided to serve you with. Step into a whole new world, with new doors and opportunities that will and can present themselves to you. Let go of the old ways of thinking and welcome to the new paradigm of the love that is true and here for you now.

One Beautiful Fine day filled with Hope, Inspiration and Creativity, reaching to new heights and all possibilities.

Cost is $88.



Please note: Lunch is not included. We will break for lunch, many amenites near by for you to pick from.

Please bring yoga matt, blankets and water. We will also be sitting on chairs for the 1st ½ of the event.

Space allows 22 people so save your spot now!


More About Karen…

karen neulsKaren Neuls, Spiritual Teacher and Healer has a huge passion for helping others.  She helps bring self-awareness to your body, mind and soul to help you heal from within.  She is very connected to the Divine Feminine and the Angelic Realm and has much ancient wisdom to share with the world.  As she is following her passion and love, having the courage to pull the sword from the stone, she is an amazing guide to help you along your path, helping you open doors to new opportunities, new beginnings and most importantly more love. Karen works very strongly with Archangel Michael Archangel Gabriel, Joan of Arc and the Christ Light. Your journey waits before you, and all you have to do is say Yes.

Karen has gone through many initiations and lessons along her own yellow brick road, finding the wisdom, love and courage to continue walking in the light, healing her karma, soul contracts and reaching beyond the limits and conditions, beyond the veil, believing and seeing that you can fly above that rainbow with the bluebirds, knowing and trusting deep in her heart of the full support of the universe. By loving our own hearts, all hearts are loved.


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