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Looking for an Emerald Park Meditation Course?

Look no further.

The Wellness Blueprint Health Centre is proud to welcome artist, healer and author, Felicity Butler, to our community centre.

Felicity will be leading two meditation courses:

A weekly meditation course starting October 11 at 7 pm (Tuesdays)  and a weekly meditation course starting October 13 at 2 pm (Thursdays).

Each class will be approximately 60 minutes. You are welcome to attend both sessions (evenings and afternoons) for the same price.

The cost of the course is $40 inclusive. MP3 recordings of each session will be provided.

Please call Felicity at (306) 527-0349 to save your spot!


A little bit about Felicity…emerald park meditation with felicity butler

I am an artist, healer, author, visionary, residing in a small Saskatchewan community.

I  have the ability to channel art and words of wisdom and encouragement,  from the Angelic Realm.

I have  also published 3 books, and am actively working on the 4th!

My mission is to uplift people’s spirit, to empower people and to bring them Joy.

It is my sincere desire to uplift and enrich people’s lives through my art work and words of wisdom.

Check out further information about Felicity and her work.

Read about what others have to say about their experiences working with Felicity.

And, as a special gift, listen to one of Felicity’s meditations:


Oh, the many benefits you’ll experience from meditation

meditation benefits



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    1. admin

      Hi Tricia. Thanks for your interest. It’s definitely not too late… the meditation class is ongoing. Every Tuesday at 2 pm. You may drop in, however I encourage you to call the office at (306) 781-2222 and we’ll get you registered to save you a spot 🙂

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