Naturopathic Doctor? What’s that?

naturopathic doctor

What is a Naturopathic Doctor? I get asked that question a lot. When you first meet someone what is the first question they ask you? “What do you do?” When I was initially starting out … Read More

Emerald Park Naturopathic Doctor

emerald park naturopathic doctor article

First Emerald Park Naturopathic Doctor – Interview with The Star News Have to say… it feels really good being referred to as the first Emerald Park Naturopathic Doctor 🙂 Recently I did an interview with … Read More

How To Get To The Root Of Depression

root of depression

So you walk into the doctor’s office and explain that you have no energy, you feel sad, hopeless, you can’t sleep, and you have no interest in the things that used to interest you. Your … Read More

How To Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

lower blood pressure naturally

The conventional medical approach to preventing heart disease is misguided, at best, and harmful, at worst. Let’s take blood pressure… Blood pressure is the force of circulating blood against the inner walls of your blood … Read More