Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Class

Saturday November 5

What if Chaos was ease, joy and glory for you and your body? Become a Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and discover how to make this a reality.

The Bars are a way to create a different relevance in our bodies.access consciousness regina
Getting your “Bars” run creates major relief and change by discharging all the considerations, thoughts, ideas and beliefs that we’ve created over the centuries to justify, ratify, to object to, to resist and react to, or to align and agree with all our points of view and judgments.

Ideally, we would run one session of Bars for each session of verbal processing because when our points of view and judgments vanish, they leave behind a tremendous number of thoughts, considerations, beliefs, ideas, decisions, emotions and attitudes that we’ve built on top of what we’ve just got rid of: instantaneious integration is a matter of releasing all of that via the Bars.

All the thoughts, feelings, emotions, implants and all the points of view we have taken on from others – they all lock into our bodies which creates a bizarre place in which we feel dysfunctional and our body begins to hurt.

Get your Bars run.

What else might be possible then for you and your body?

To register for the class please call Judy Woof at (306) 736-7707.



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    1. admin

      Thanks for your interest, Tracie. At this time we’re not sure when the Access Bars training will be offered here again at the Wellness Blueprint Community Centre. I recommend contacting Judy Wooff at (306) 736-7707 for further information on upcoming trainings. – Dr. Candice

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